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Poisonous Women

A Hypermedia Fantasy

An Essay by Ella Marks

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My Grandfather, Myself

An Essay by Emily Goldberg


A Blunt Conversation

We welcome you on a mushroom fueled, cocktail enhanced interview with L.A. based artist Marie Peter-Toltz.


Green Women & Their Relationships

An Essay by Sarah Adler

Editor's Recipes

On the days when our editors are throwing fabulous dinner parties, we still treat every meal like it might be our last. Here we share our recipes for our favorite meals.



Artist Interview:


Alice Stein


The Weird and the Wonderful


Seductresses is a series loosely adapted from Betsy Prioleau's book of the same name. Here Helen America is shedding light on the women who have throughout history weaponized aspects of their femininity as a means to further themselves.


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GREEN Dinner Party