The Sprawler

High Tea Sarah

First Name: Sarah

Age: 23

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Profession: Writer

Describe your stoner persona: The blob fish in bed

Indica or sativa? Blend.

Do you use weed for medicinal or mental health reasons?

I have IBS, so sometimes I'll smoke when I have a stomach ache. or if I'm home after work and I'm really sore.

How do you smoke differently when you are alone than when we are with friends and/or a partner?

I prefer to smoke by myself because I get super horny and need to masturbate. so even if I'm smoking with someone else, there always comes a point where I hope they/I will leave so I can go home and masturbate.

Who is one person you would love to smoke weed with?


Do you identify with stoner culture? If so, which aspects?

Not at all. I actually really dislike a lot of the idea of "stoner culture" as like the hot blonde girl covered in pot leaves. When I use weed I don't feel connected to a larger culture. I just feel like this is something I do for me.

Do you think weed should be legalized? Why?

I do. I didn't for a long time, but seeing the positive effect it's had on states that have legalized has been great. It's much better to have substances controlled. So even if you're a teen and buying weed illegally, it's more likely that weed came from a legal dispensary and is safe.

Weed or alcohol?


Margot Mayergreen, high tea