The Dreamer

High Tea Hannah.jpg

First Name: Hannah

Age: 24

Pronouns: She, Her, Hers

Profession: Finance Analyst

Describe your stoner persona: The Dreamer

Indica or sativa?

Sativa — I am a generally mentally and physically active person and I love what sativa strains often do for creativity and invigorating the mind.

Do you use weed for medicinal or mental health reasons?

I do not personally, but have several close friends who do and fully support weed as a medicinal/healing resource.

How do you smoke differently when you are alone than when we are with friends and/or a partner?

When I am with a friend or with a partner, I generally feel inspired by smoking weed to go outside, walk around in nature or adventure. When I smoke alone, I tend to be more mentally and emotionally self-reflective - which usually involves me sitting by the window, listening to music and silently pondering life - haha

Do you identify with stoner culture? If so, which aspects?

That’s a tricky question…from my perspective, stoner culture has been fluid and ever-changing throughout different generations and within different spaces, so pinpointing a “stoner culture” with even loosely defined boundaries is difficult. I definitely appreciate and identify with the various artistic ventures and sociopolitical movements that have been directly or indirectly tied to “stoner culture” and fully appreciate the incredibly positive influence weed has had on various people and communities.

Who is one person you would love to smoke weed with?


Do you think weed should be legalized? Why?

Definitely. I think generally it’s been agreed that weed has a lower risk of being abused than most other drugs. The positive benefits weed can have on many is worth legalization - and besides, the government should spend less money and resources trying to catch people with weed and more on protecting the rights of all people, of all races, religions, genders, sexual orientation, etc., and equally, from those who try to violate these rights and harm these people.

Weed or alcohol?


Margot Mayergreen, high tea