Letter From the Editor


Welcome to our Second Issue: GREEN!

Orange Tulips Final.jpg

Dear Klean Reader,

When the editors of the KLEAN were trying to decide on the color for the upcoming issue our retinas were craving something fresh. Our eyes were oversaturated with RED and our palettes yearned for the sweet taste of summer. While I write this to you, on what is considered to be the second day of spring,  I am looking out my window hopefully watching the last of three Nor'easters. The city is parched of color, blanketed entirely in sheets of white snow and gray slush. What better color could provide us relief from this colorless cold mess than GREEN?

The upcoming 2018 GREEN issue of the KLEAN is an exploration of the dualities of the color green: life/death, love/jealousy, growth/rebirth, envy/ambition. You’ll find interviews with artists and former agents, recipes for “poisonous” cocktails, essays on modern friendship, and advice from whores of yore. We invite you to take a journey with us through the sights, sounds, taste, and history of the color. Then pull up a proverbial chair and join us for our issue’s GREEN Dinner Party where you can get to know this issue's contributors.

Diving into these themes of rebirth and growth, we have re-launched our website with a new look and new content. This magazine is nothing if not an exercise in evolution and learning. We at the KLEAN are always restless, eager to try new things, and reach for something better- whether that’s with our own work or a new recipe. We hope you enjoy it!

As we launch our new issue, I urge you to lean into your GREEN. Be ambitious. Be Greedy! Take pride. Yearn and earn. In these stressful times, remember you need energy and nourishment and you need your allies!

Gather your friends: eat together, cook together, drink together, imbibe together, and talk together.

Bon Appétit!