The Elegant Glutton

Flora High Tea.jpg

First Name: Flo/Flora

Age: 24

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Profession: Novelist and freelance writer

Indica or sativa?

I like both, but my boyfriend (who just started smoking this year) prefers sativa, so that’s what we’ve been buying recently.

Describe your stoner personna:

Elegant but gluttonous. I value working hard at my passions, dressing well, and taking care of my hair and skin, etc but I also love to eat and veg out. I’m a pretty Type A person in a lot of ways, so it may seem surprising that I love smoking so much. I’m just a bundle of contradictions!

Do you use weed for medicinal or mental health reasons?

Both! I smoke to relax but also to settle my stomach.

How do you smoke differently when you are alone than when you are with friends and/or a partner?

I don’t really smoke differently when I’m alone or with a group. I usually smoke before eating dinner or watching a movie, which would be the same routine whether I’m hanging with myself or with friends. I tend to become more introverted when I smoke, though, so sometimes it’s easier to be high alone or with just one other person.

Who is one person you would love to smoke weed with?

My parents! But they never take me up on that offer.

Do you identify with stoner culture? If so, which aspects?

I’m a pretty sedentary person—my favorite activity is lying in bed with food and a good book, so I’d say I definitely relate to that aspect of stoner culture.

Do you think weed should be legalized? Why?

Yes, but I think that in order to pay reparations, people imprisoned for weed- related convictions (mostly people of color) should be pardoned. On a more personal note, I think weed should be legalized because it has helped many people I know with both their mental and physical health, so having legal access to it would boost their quality of life tremendously. Weed’s pros outweigh its cons in my opinion!

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