Baking with Weed Infused Oil

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Note from the Editor

Baking with THC or weed oil is surprisingly simple once you have a batch of oil at your disposal. For anyone that had a weed brownie in college, I’m sure you remember the palpable weedy taste. Below is a recipe to make your own weed oil at home that you can easily integrate into baking or cooking.

To avoid making your entire kitchen or apartment reek of pot, use a crockpot to cook your oil. There are two ways to go about making your oil. Either you can make a large quantity of oil that is less concentrated. This will allow you to keep your price point down but the downside is that the effects will be less potent. Or you can make a batch of oil that is very concentrated but when you use it for baking you dilute the effects with a non-THC infused oil.

For this particular recipe, I used THC oil I had around the house and mixed in a ¼ cup of oil for a mellow dose for my friends. When baking with weed, you want to decide what the intention is for consumption. If you want to gently infuse your recipes with THC oil then use part regular oil with your THC oil to dilute the effects. Of course you can use all of your THC oil for a strong edible, it’s just not the most economical choice.


  • Eighth of Sativa or Hybrid or Shake

  • Crockpot

  • Cheesecloth

  • Grinder

  • 1 Cup of Vegetable Oil (for cooking use olive oil instead)

Cooking Instructions

  1. Call your dealer or delivery service. Ask them about the different strains they have. I would personally recommend a Sativa or Hybrid so that you and your friends feel invigorated and social while eating your cake. You can also use Shake to keep the price point of your oil down.

  2. Grind your weed.

  3. Turn on your crockpot and add your vegetable oil and the weed.

  4. Cook on medium low heat overnight. The longer you cook the weed, the stronger the oil will be.

  5. The next day, turn off your crock pot and using your cheesecloth, strain the oil into a mason jar. The cheesecloth helps keep any weed sediment out of your oil. Improperly strained oil is what leads to that weed brownie taste.

  6. You can store your weed in the fridge or freezer to help preserve your oil.