How I Live Now: Margot



Name: Margot Ann Mayer

Age: 23

Profession: Lingerie Slinger & EIC of the KLEAN

Preferred Pronouns: She, Her, Hers

Last Book You Read: Slow Days, Fast Company by Eve Babitz

What is your relationship to your home space?
I moved out of my parent’s house when I was 18 before the bank foreclosed on it. My relationship to home and my home space became traumatic. I spent most of my college years calling my dorm room home or sleeping on other people’s couches. I have been very lucky to have many loving and generous people in my life who have welcomed me into their homes. For years home was a fleeting concept, simultaneously a memory and a goal for the future. After graduating college, I worked hard to have enough money to sign a lease in Brooklyn — with roommates of course — and for the first time in a while home became possible. I slept on a padded futon for the majority of my first year in the city but now that my partner has graduated — taking his bed with him — and moved in with me, I’m starting to feel at home again. Home for me has always been safety and I am grateful to feel safe again.

Biggest Adult Worry/Thoughts on 2017: ♫BILLS BILLS BILLS♫ It's been a year now since I graduated from college and I am still trying to figure out how to survive in NYC while being in $40,000 in debt. Could be worse but could be a hell of a lot better...


Secret Aspiration: To get through my period without bleeding on my underwear and to learn how to tie my shoes without using two bunny ears. I’m kidding... mostly.

In truth, my secret aspiration is to provide a space for women to come together — both in person and online — to question, to confront, and to celebrate what it means to be a young women today. The KLEAN has been a labour of love for the past few years and in the time I have spent developing the project, I have realized more than anything the transformative power of communication.

I want to challenge myself and our readers to continuously engage in new and provoking dialogues — especially those beyond one’s normal circle.

The KLEAN will showcase different women not as examples of how women are, but of how we live now.

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